Exercise of the Week – Passing Technical Warm Up with Interference

Up first for our Inside Youth Soccer – Exercise of the Week is a fantastic warm up activity that can be used to work on your players’ first touch and passing technique with plenty of interference from other players in front and around them, which will encourage them to make decisions and be in a good frame of mind for the rest of the session.

Check out the description below and video at the bottom of the page to see how it works!

Split your team into groups of four (one ball per group), with two players on the outside of the square opposite each other who will act as target players and two players in the middle. Two groups will work at the same time per square. Adjust the size of the square depending on the age and ability of your players.

The two teams must work the ball from one target player to the opposite one, using the two players in the middle, who must both touch the ball before it goes across.

Both teams will work at the same time, working their way through the “interference” from the other team in the process.


If a gap opens up, the target player can pass to the opposite target player. If this happens, the players in the middle must adjust their position to receive the ball again.

You can also progress this by allowing the middle players to pass to the target player whenever they see an opening as well, so that they both don’t necessarily touch the ball.

Coaching Points:

  • Accuracy and weight of pass (challenge your players to make their passes firm)
  • Players in the middle should receive the ball with an open body position and on their back foot so that they can see more of the field and play quicker
  • The players should be continuously checking their surroundings so that they are aware of where the space is that they can receive the ball in, and where the pressure from the opposite team is so they can take their first touch into an appropriate space
  • Make sure that the target players don’t get lazy…they need to react to the passes and make sure they are always open for a pass from the players in the middle, especially when you get onto the progressions
  • Communication


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