Exercise of the Week – Passing Diamond Technical Warm Up

Following on from last week’s Inside Youth Soccer – Exercise of the Week, which you can read here, we are keeping with the technical passing warm up theme but focusing more on technique and the timing of movements.

Check out the description below and the video at the bottom of the page to see how it works!

Split your team into groups of five (you could do groups of six instead if that works better), with one ball per group. Two players will be at the start cone and one player on each of the other cones. Adjust the size of the diamond depending on the age and ability of your players. It is also important that the players imagine that the cones are defenders from the beginning so that they understand early on the significance of the movements away from the cones/defenders.

The ball starts on the cone that has two players and the ball is passed in a anti-clockwise direction. Don’t forget to get the players to go in the other direction after a few minutes.


If you have a few groups going at the same time, you can challenge them to get the ball around the diamond as many times as they can in 30 seconds to add a little pressure and urgency to their passing. Again, don’t forget the do the competition in both directions.


You can progress this passing sequence in many different ways, so be creative! In the second half of the video at the bottom of the page, the first player that receives the ball will set it back, before the ball is passed across the diamond.

Coaching Points:

  • Accuracy and weight of the pass (challenge your players to pass the ball firmly)
  • The players should receive the ball on the back foot with an open body position
  • Get your players into good habits by reminding them to check their shoulder before receiving a pass
  • Timing of movement and pass. When the player checks away from the cone/defender, they must do so with a quick sharp movement. The player with the ball must be concentrating and aware of this movement so that the ball is passed in straight away
  • Communication. This combined with the point above will help with getting the timing of the pass right
  • A great way to speed up the tempo is by challenging your players to control with one foot and pass with the other. For example, if their right foot is the back foot then they can control with that foot and then pass with their left to speed things up, especially in the first part of the exercise before the progression

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