Exercise of the Week – Continuous 1v1 to Goal

In this week’s Exercise of the Week, we will have a look at a 1v1 exercise to goal that your players will love. This is personally one of my favourites because it’s fun, the players will score lots of goals and it incorporates transition as well.

Check out the description below and the video at the bottom of the page to see how it works!

Split your team into two, with a ball each and two goalkeepers. Adjust the length of the area depending on the age of your players. A player from either line will start the exercise off by dribbling towards the opposite goal and having a shot against the goalkeeper. As soon as they have taken their shot, the player who is first in line on the other team can dribble towards the opposite goal and take a shot. However, the first player who just shot will now chase back and put the player dribbling towards goal under pressure. This continues with the next players. So as soon as a player shoots, they must transition to trying to win the ball back.

Make sure you have the players start on the other side of the goal after a few minutes so that they have the opportunity to attack goal from a different angle.


Give the teams two minutes to score as many goals as possible. Again, don’t forget to have the players start from both sides of the goal.


A great way to progress this is by going into 2v2s with the two players starting either side of the goal. I have also done this with 3v3s as well.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure that the players are focused so that they remember to transition into defence as soon as they have had a shot on goal
  • When it is a player’s turn to attack, their first touch should be big and into space to give them room to accelerate away from the chasing defender
  • When approaching goal, the attacker needs to compose themselves, get their head up to see where the goalkeeper is in relation to the goal so that they can hit the target with their shots
  • Correct shooting technique (side foot or laces)
  • When progressing into higher numbers, decision making is important in terms of when to pass, dribble and shoot


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