Exerxise of the Week – 1v1 Corridor

Here is another 1v1 exercise to goal that your players will love following on from last week’s continuous 1v1, which you can read here.

Check out the description below and the video at the bottom of the page (including the progression) to see how it works. 

In this exercise, there are two 1v1s before going through on goal. With the 1v1 areas, start off with 10×10 yard boxes, but as always, adjust the size of this depending on the age and ability of your players. I would then allow 15 yards or so after the 1v1s to go through on goal. Set up multiple areas so that your players have plenty of opportunities to score.

The attacker will start with the football at the start of the “corridor” and dribbles into the first box to get past the defender. Initially, the defender is only allowed to move side to side in order to get some success and build the confidence of the attackers. Once they have made it past the first defender, they now have to get past the second. Again, the defenders are only allowed to move side to side (this is shown in the first half of the video below) and can’t defend in another area. When they have completed the two 1v1s, the player can dribble through and attack the goal to try and score. If the defender wins the football or clears it during the 1v1s then the attacker’s go is over.


The attackers get 1 point for every 1v1 they are successful with and 1 point for a goal. The defenders earn 1 point individually if they win the ball from the attacker.


As soon as an attacker enters their area, the defender can close down the space to defend (as shown in the video below). If the defender wins the ball and can dribble to the opposite end of their area then the attacker’s go is over. This means that even if the attacker loses the ball, the game is still live as they can win the ball back and try to get through the area. Again, the defenders can only defend in their area and are not allowed to move into another area once the attacker has progressed.


This would be very similar to the previous competition in that the attackers win 1 point for every area they clear and 1 point for a goal, but this time for the defender to win 1 point they have to win the ball and dribble to the other end of the area as per the progression.

Potential Progression:

If your players are getting the hang of this well then you could introduce a recovery from the defender in the second 1v1 into the final zone so that they can put pressure on the shot on goal.

Coaching Points:

  • Attack the defender at speed
  • Head up/awareness of where the space is to dribble into and attack
  • Encourage creativity (drop the shoulder, step overs etc…)
  • Keep the ball close with small touches as the attacker gets close to the defender and use a bigger touch into space to get past them and accelerate into
  • Distance between the attacker and defender, if the attacker it too close then the defender will find it easier to win the ball
  • When approaching goal, the attacker needs to compose themselves, get their head up to see where the goalkeeper is in relation to the goal so that they can hit the target with their shots
  • Correct shooting technique (side foot or laces)
  • In the potential progression when the recovering defender is introduced as the attacker dribbles through on goal, the attacker should try to get their body between the defender and the ball if possible


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