Exercise of the Week – Dribbling Gates Game

This week we have a dribbling game that I like to use in particular after a foot skills warm up for young players when doing a 1v1 topic during a session.

Set up gates with cones on the field (set up at least the same number of gates as you do the number of players). Your players will have a ball each and the aim of the game is to dribble through as many gates as possible in 30 seconds – 1 minute as shows in the video below. For every gate they dribble through, they earn themselves a point.


After one round, challenge each player to beat their own score for the number of gates they have dribbled through in the next time period.



Now you can add pressure by adding two defenders. The players with the ball still have to dribble through the gates to get their points. If the defender manages to win the ball and put their foot on it, the attacker loses a point and the defender gains one.



You can add defenders or take away gates in order to challenge your players further.

Coaching Points:

  • Small touches in order to keep the ball close to the body in tight areas
  • Bigger touches when there is space to dribble into or when faced by a defender in order to push the ball past them
  • Head up in order to scan the field and see where the space, gates and defenders are
  • Use fakes and feints in order to get past defenders
  • Encourage the players to be creative and to try any skills and tricks they know

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